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The Good Effects of Pine Straw Mulching

Farmers across the globe have taken interest in the use of mulch in their field so as to protect the soil from wind and rain.In the effort to preserve soil, there is a significant addition of nutrients to the soil. This is making mulching one of the best measures to take when indulging in agricultural cultivation of plants. Different mulch made from plants leaves and grass has a range of side effects on the soil. There are many advantages that come with the use of pine straw for mulching.

The first benefit a farmer that uses pine straw on the farm is the fact that pine straw mulch is very sustainable. Pine trees are always and naturally dropping the needles than are used to prepare mulch .They are readily and constantly available making them a good choice for mulching all year round.

Pine straw mulch prevents the evaporation of soil moisture by insulating the soil from the sun. Plants with roots that are too close to the soil surface are protected from extreme temperatures that would have otherwise affected them negatively. There is displacement of soil particles by rain drops hitting the surface of an uncovered ground.Rain drop erosion is reduced by the use of pine straw which slows down the rain drops .This type of mulch also releases some nutrients as it decomposes and organic matter that will encourage micro organisms. This increases the level of oxygen in the soil that will facilitate faster growth of crops.

Pine straw mulch is easy to manage since it does not wash out of beds like wood mulch does.As a result the environment around the farm will look cleaner. Unlike other types of mulch, it is not necessary to add other components into the mulch since it does not clench together. Negative side effects of other mulches such as formation of crusts do not occur with the use of pine straw mulch. Pine straw remains functional for longer periods of time since it decays at a lower speed to time ratio, eliminating the necessity for replacement.

Weeds compete for nutrients and air with the important crops that have been planted. This will often lead to poor health of the crops if it is not controlled. The use of pine straw mulch will crush any germinating weeds and prevent them from developing to an threatening levels of maturity. Wood mulches on the other hand actually encourage the growth of weeds.

Same amounts of pine straw cover bigger areas than other types of mulch. This makes pine straw a cheaper source of mulch in relation to other sources.

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